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Best Drone for Real Estate Photography: A Different Point-Of-View

best drone for real estate photography


The use of camera drones has grown rapidly amongst real estate photographers. 
These cameras allow them to capture images from a different point-of-view giving their clients a better perspective of the property they want to buy. Real estate companies today, invest a lot in promoting their business. Camera drones truly provide them with a more inventive approach in advertisements. So the big question is: what is the best drone for real estate photography?

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Waterproof Drones That Follow You: Flying In The Rain

waterproof drones that follow you - spry drone

In recent times, waterproof drones that follow you have been an emerging trend among the general public, to record and get beautiful footages on various subjects. You can get a shot from all the different angles of your activities such as hiking, skiing, kayaking or even just a simple tanning session by the beach. The growth of waterproof drones among content creators is also going to steer the industry to fully using drones not far into the future.

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Best FPV Goggles Under 200 Dollars – Real-Time Pilot Experience

best fpv goggles under 200 dollars

FPV Goggles Best Of 2018

FPV is an acronym for first person view and by far is the most visually satisfying experience of flying a drone. What was previously an incredulous fantasy is now a reality for drone enthusiasts! Thanks to the leap in technology over the last decade, the elite experience which was affordable only for a selected few is now within reach for everyone and for those in search of the best fpv goggles under 200 dollars.

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Best Drone For Racing – DJI Racing Edition Vs Walkera Racing Drone

Best drone for racing, for fishing or surveillance. The skies are full of these technological flying robots. Drones are growing in popularity and use. The military has bigger versions for their purposes. Everyday people have bought into their functionality for taking aerial pictures and examining topography. But for simply using drones for fun, nothing seems to preempt their fascination for those that race.

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